Fill Your Ad Agency New Business Pipeline in 30 Days

new business pipeline

I was recently contacted by an ad agency new business person in search of some urgent advice. Management had requested that he submit a plan outlining how he would fill the agencies new business pipeline – in just 30 days!

Firstly, I asked if he was being serious! After all, anyone who knows anything about agency new business prospecting knows that it takes longer than 30 days to fill a pipeline, especially in the current economic environment. He assured me that he was and that any help or advice would be appreciated. These were my suggestions… Request psychiatric counseling support immediately! Just kidding.

  • If you have access to a new business list resource like Access Confidential (Offered by AAR Partners), take a look at the daily report that is generated listing promotions and new appointments etc. These developments are often indicators of impending change and opportunity. In addition, the list company often interviews the individuals listed in the report and is often able to solicit information about what type of resources they may be in the market for. I often refer to it as “chasing ambulances”. Right message, right time, right person is what you are hoping for.
  • Agency research presentations on specific subjects or other white papers. Offers to share these with targeted prospects often help to get you in the door and at least start a conversation. This can be via a one on one presentation, webcast, download or any other channel.
  • Demonstrated agency expertise in a specific category or demographic. If your agency has exceptional expertise with proven results in a specific category or demographic, a targeted outreach program offering to share your insights/expertise can often uncover some opportunities.
  • Targeted outbound video emails using StreamRight technology. Streamright ( offers an easy to use technology platform that allows you to deliver interactive video through email. This allows you to send out a large number of prospect emails with an embedded video. Through their web based dashboard tool, you are able to monitor who opened the email, who viewed the video, how long they viewed if for, how often they viewed it and if they forwarded it on to a friend. It can also notify you the sender the second that the prospect opens the video to view it. What’s great about this technology is that it allows you to send high volume emails and identify and follow up on only those who demonstrated an interest. You can also test subject lines, different video edits and content at the same time. The best part about it is that it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Speaking opportunities and conference attendance. Look for any short term industry conferences to attend or possibly speak at. Quite often organizers get let down by speakers at the last minute and if you have a canned presentation you can sometimes get in at short notice.
  • Personal referrals. Immediately leverage any personal contacts or referrals you have access to.
  • Strategic partner/vendor clients. If you have a strategic partner or vendor where your services don’t overlap, identify 2-3 clients of their clients that they are comfortable introducing you to. Then you can reciprocate.

If you have additional ideas or suggestions please feel free to respond and share them with me. I will publish your comments for other readers benefit.  




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