Mobile Shopper Marketing…Influencing Consumer Behavior In-Store!


“Retailers have become the largest most successful marketing services companies in the world, sourcing over $20 Billion in “shopper marketing” funds from manufacturers annually to fund retailer-controlled advertising and marketing initiatives. Recently, however, brand marketers have begun to see a ray of hope in the emergence of mobile marketing” Source:

I feel like the proverbial religious fanatic who has for years been on his soap box in Hyde Park pontificating about the impending arrival of mobile marketing as powerful new marketing communications channel. Well, 2010 it happened and it continues to grow exponentially in 2011. While mobile overall is on everybody’s top list, Mobile Shopper Marketing is currently the wild west of mobile marketing. Brands are hoping that mobile shopper marketing will help them re-insert their brands at point of purchase in order to enable them to arrest some of the control back from the retailers.

Using everything from mobile coupons and mobile consumer product reviews, all the way to creative new mobile apps, augmented reality and sophisticated location based services to track and attract consumers to the brand. Here are some great examples of Mobile Shopper Marketing currently in market:

Mobile Coupons: Who says that mobile couponing is just for discount brands and consumer packaged goods. High end apparel retailer Georgio Armani uses their shop front windows to encourage customers to text and receive a $10 off in-store coupon.


Mobile Consumer Product Reviews: In the store, not sure which product to choose. Don’t trust the store staff to give you an unbiased and informed opinion?  Just scan the barcode and review the product immediately on your phone. That way you can make an informed decision right there and then.


Location Based Services: We recently helped our Groupon client launch Groupon Now. In addition to their great targeted daily deals in your area, now you can get great deals immediately based on where you are and what is available in your immediate vicinity. Looks like no one will be paying full retail at any time in the future?


Real Time Price Comparisons: Ready to buy but not sure that you are getting the best possible price and don’t want to argue with the customer services person over it. Just scan the barcode and this app will tell you exactly where you can get it at the best price in your shopping area. Down to a few seconds ago.


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