New Business Opportunity for Ad Agencies…Web Analytics

Data aggregation

When Webtrends surveyed marketers worldwide about how to close the gap between data analysis and business action, their top answer was more knowledgeable staff. These marketers just self identified a real new business door opener for savvy agencies.

Smart agencies are always looking for a compelling reason for approaching new business prospects. Most have already found out that the offer of a credentials presentation is not the answer and most often leads to no response at all.

In this particular instance, marketers themselves have identified a specific frustration they are experiencing, as well as what they believe they require to help them solve it… More Knowledgeable Staff! Their problem, however, is that in the current economy, most marketers have had to cut their staff overheads to the bare minimum and hence do not have all the capabilities and smarts that they need on their marketing teams. According to Unica survey, 72% of marketers had no full time staff member devoted to analytics!

What could be a better new business door opener for a smart agency that can help them close the gap between data analysis and business action? Heck, there is even Independent research available to help agencies support their approach, and identify the specific issues that need solving.

Challenges with web analytics 

Of course this assumes that your agency has the capabilities to help the client:

  • Integrate data and results across all channels and from all possible sources.
  • Verify the accuracy of the data.
  • Simplify the data as much as possible and drill down to find the insights within it. (If you torture that data long enough, it will confess)
  • Develop a dashboard that’s easy to use and powered by real time, up to date information.

I once asked a client of mine what she attributed to her meteoric success within the company. Her answer was simply:

“She who owns the data has all the insights and therefore holds all the power”

A perspective that might be helpful as agencies consider the opportunity at hand and whether to pursue it or not.





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