Mobile Marketing…The New Frontier For Ad Agency New Business Growth



While advertising dollars allocated to mobile marketing currently lag behind increased consumer usage, spending on mobile marketing is expected to increase significantly over the next five years. The opportunity is now for agencies to take the leadership position with their clients.

eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending will increase from $416 million in 2009, to $1.56 Billion by 2013, outpacing online ad-spending as a whole. While the overall complexity of the medium may make it appear daunting to agencies and marketers alike, overcoming these complexities can pay dividends.

According to eMarketer, mobile marketing has an additive effect on other advertising and marketing efforts, and can bridge the gap between digital and traditional campaigns. It is also flexible, lending itself to both Direct Response and Brand reinforcement campaigns. Based on this perspective, who better to champion the mobile revolution than the agencies that create these campaigns.

I recently came across what I consider to be a best practice example of mobile marketing that truly does bridge the gap between digital and traditional campaigns. Major League Baseball (MLB) is a market leader in this area.  Not only do they do an incredible job in both the traditional and digital worlds, their iPhone application is nothing less than incredible.

Fans no longer have to be at the game or seated in front a TV screen at home or at some other venue. They don’t even need a computer with a high speed internet connection. Now fans can watch their favorite teams’ game live on their iPhone, no matter where they are. This includes all pre-game coverage and all the other added value content around the game. By the way, the quality of the overall experience is amazing. Other games can be subsequently viewed for a mere 99c.

Everything MLB does is targeted at enhancing the fans experience with both their favorite team and MLB overall and they deliver that in spades.

Perhaps the next killer app in mobile marketing will come from your agency for one of your clients.


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