Your Ad Agency Doesn’t Know What a Twestival Is… Opportunity Missed?

A Twestival is a Twitter charity festival; a cross between a tweetup and a fundraiser. The global initiative was born on January 8, 2009 with a single tweet asking cities to join together and hold their own Twestivals on February 12th to support charity: water.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 200 cities and 1,000 volunteers all working together to bring in over $250,000 for the cause.

The Twestival concept is a perfect example of the new marketing opportunities that can be created by both marketers and agencies alike. This idea brings together the viral power of social media, the entertainment value of live events and leverages the communications power of the web simultaneously.

As I learnt more about the concept it brought to mind the following question: did this innovative idea come from a social media agency, an event agency, a digital agency, a PR agency or even a brand agency? The answer is that in reality it did not come from an agency at all. Probably because as agencies, we are still thinking in silos, and have not yet even begun to embrace the current iterations of technology and new media. Let alone pioneer innovative new hybrid models.  


The Twestival concept not only combines social media with the impact of live events. If you can’t make it out to any of the events, you can follow what’s happening on the web and can even watch it all live. ScribbleLive has partnered with Twestival to provide a real-time feed to keep pace with all tweets and displaying photos inline, using the #twestival hashtag. You can watch the main stream and map view (it’s like Twittervision just for Twestival) for a complete real-time view of what the world is tweeting and sharing about Twestival, or you can use the city tag cloud to narrow your view.


If you are still not blown away by all that, Animoto have teamed with Twestival to give both attendees and organizers a way to capture and share their event memories in splashy video form. These can then be shared via the web.


Twestival is probably one of the best examples of a truly innovative integrated new media campaign. This is the type of creativity and innovation that agency partners are going to have to provide to their clients in order to stay relevant and win more new business.



To read more about Twestival Local on  click here



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