Unsolicited Ad Agency New Business Mailings…Winning strategies


Depending on the size of the client company, they will receive on average somewhere between 7-8 unsolicited agency mailings/approaches every month. That adds up to between 84-96 a year. Here’s how you can make yours stand out and avoid the pitfalls.

As a result of aggressive agency new business outreach programs, clients are being inundated with agency new business solicitations on a weekly basis. As you can imagine, most of them end up either going straight into the trash can or being deleted. Breaking through the clutter has never been harder. Here are some actual client tips that should help make your agency’s efforts more effective:

What appeals to the prospective client?

  • Materials quickly demonstrated relevance to my business.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of my business and understanding of my category, market, brand and company.
  • Professional presentation, solid company with a good reputation/years of experience in the industry
  • Materials were simple, short, concise and straightforward.
  • Previous work examples and industry experience.
  • Appeared cost effective with an ability to work within a budget.
  • Relevant, remarkable case studies supported with results.
  • Creativity demonstrated by new fresh ideas and innovative use of new media and technology.

What is an instant turn off?

  • Pushy and hard core selling.
  • Materials are all about the agency and not relevant to me and my business.
  • Ignorance or lack of understanding of my business/market.
  • Nothing unique. Too generic.
  • Content is irrelevant and solicitation is poorly targeted.
  • Solicitation is too flashy, over the top or too contrived. Avoid the tchotchke.
  • Presentation is too long, too contrived and too difficult to read. Just plain poor communication.
  • It is not immediately clear to me why this was sent to me and why it might be relevant to me.

“Only pitch business you are willing to take the time to really do the due diligence to pursue. Make it less about you, the agency, and more about the client.”

Credit for reference content: AAAA’s agency search research study conducted by MillwardBrown.


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