Content Strategy Is Key To Social Media Success For Ad Agencies!

content is king 2 Exactly how does an ad agency ensure their social media initiatives are seen by the right people? According to Hallie Janssen of Advil Media, it would take you almost 14 years to view every video uploaded to YouTube. Add to that all the Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace and Twitter content and you end up with more content than anyone could ever hope to get through.

So, how do you cut through? The real question we need to be asking ourselves is just how good is our agency’s content, and does it take the prospect to a more meaningful place that facilitates a value exchange? If you want results from your social media strategy, you have to define what content you will use to continue to engage your audience beyond the initial contact.

Social media channels like Twitter provide tidbits of information in real time and great volume. What you are hoping for is that your tidbit will catch the right person’s eye and get them to investigate further. Sure, you can upload long format videos to YouTube and post lengthy dissertations on your Facebook or LinkedIn page, it’s just incredibly ineffective. The key is disseminating multiple concise and simple messages that in turn take your audience on a more meaningful experience on your blog site etc.

You may be interested to know that, while Facebook is the most popular consumer social media site, Twitter is more popular in the marketing world. A July 2009, study of Fortune 100 companies conducted by Burson Marsteller, found that more companies had a presence on Twitter (54%) than on Facebook (29%).

 Twitter is also beating out Facebook’s popularity among e-mail marketers. Email Data Source found that among the US e-mail campaigns it tracked, links to Twitter became more common than links to Facebook in March 2009. Twitter is the ultimate tool for disseminating short messages to a large target audience in real time.

The old adage “Content is King” still applies today. Your chances of being successful in your social media efforts will be determined by the quality and relevance of your content strategy. Will you send them to a good blog, a discussion forum on the issue, a white paper or even a microsite to learn more? Will you build these assets and most importantly will you keep them updated? Or will you redirect your prospect to a partner site for the content where you will have your call to action embedded?






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    Hello Guru, what enticed you to post this article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject since last weekend.

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