Ex Ad Agency Executive Demonstrates the Real Power Of Social Media.

If you were not convinced about both the power and effectiveness of social media before, I am sure that after reading this post you will be. Here is an example that demonstrates just how effective social media can be when used correctly.

70,000 Advertising professionals have already been laid off in the current recession. The worst I have experienced in nearly 30 years of being in the business. It has impacted both client and agency people alike and has reshaped our industry forever! If you just sit back and consider this statistic, it’s nothing less than mindboggling. Many are talented individuals with years of experience under their belt, and unfortunately, many will not be returning to our industry.

The recession has brought into question many of our values and priorities as individuals, consumers and employees. It’s caused many of us to move from materialistic to minimalistic and reassess what’s important to us and what is not. It’s driven significant changes in overall consumer behavior and impacted where and what they spend their money on. The recession is changing the way we do business and how we manage our businesses.

Most importantly it has forced many of us to reconsider our life’s purpose and what we ultimately want to achieve during it. We have all heard the truism, “When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  If you have not already heard, the movie “Lemonade” is going to be released sometime in September 2009. In essence, it’s a 30 minute documentary film that showcases the lives of former advertising professionals from the time they were fired through to how they used their dismissal as an opportunity to discover their dreams.

While I am certain that the movie itself will be of interest to you, the story behind it is even more fascinating.

  • It all started when a 37 year old copywriter from Arnold (Eric Proulx) was laid off during October 2008. (The third time in less than 10 years)
  • He started a blog called “Feed The Animals”, to serve as a venting ground and support system for other ad people who had been laid off.
  • After launch he decided to make a promotional video. The people and stories for the video all came from a call for submissions on Twitter.
  • He was going to conduct interviews himself using a handheld camera, however due to all the buzz, Picture Park, one of Boston’s largest commercial film companies sent a tweet offering their expertise.
  • Using Twitter, Proulx recruited an entire volunteer film crew.
  • He put an open letter on his blog and sent out a tweet that said “if @virginamerica got retweeted enough, maybe they’ll consider donating flights.” Not only did the airline come through, but A-level photographers also came through.
  • The film will be released free on the web even though that automatically disqualifies it from most documentary competitions.

Consistent with his overall approach, Proulx said, “I’d rather have a million laid-off viewers than 500 at a film festival!”

One Response to Ex Ad Agency Executive Demonstrates the Real Power Of Social Media.

  1. Joe Koufman says:

    Great post, Clive. I had heard about this and cannot wait to see the movie. Keep the great content coming!

    – Joe

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