An Ad Agency Nightmare. The Day The Media Died!

madison avenue blues

I recently wrote a post describing how the Magicians of Madison Avenue have become obsolete. This video tells the story far more poetically than I ever could. 

Just after writing that post, I came across this video on you tube. It is probably one of the most insightful and funny parodies ever produced about the advertising and media business. At the same time, it is also carries with it a very strong message…A wake-up call for everybody in the marketing communications and media industry.

The video puts into perspective the real impact that technology has had on our business and illustrates just how slow many of us have been to adapt or at least embrace it. No one is left unscathed in the process.

We have all heard the proverbial phrase that dates back to the 19th century, “less is more”. In this instance I am going to say less and let the video tell you more about the story.

Enjoy. I know that I did.





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