How Should Your Ad Agency Live Online?


Just what is the optimum way for your ad agency to live online? Should it be through a website, a blog or alternatively leverage the video rich world of YouTube?

I can certainly provide you with one definitive answer right off the bat. There is no benefit to website that is:

  • Closer in design to a brochure than an interactive experience.
  • That is cluttered with client work and streaming video that plays automatically on arrival.
  • Hard to navigate, full of flash and limited customization that does nothing to create a unique visitor experience whatsoever.
  • A site devoid of any user forums, consumer insights or dialog of any sort.
  • Not designed with SEO in mind and supported by a SEM campaign.

Unfortunately most current ad agency sites are probably guilty of most, if not all of the above. A pretty frightening fact even if you just consider the fact that, 100% of client decision makers go online and look at the websites of all the agencies they are considering.  

A number of leading agencies have enjoyed significant success utilizing an innovative website approach. The keyword being innovative.  Crispin Porter, Ignite and Modernista have all created a tremendous amount of buzz through their websites. Each of them strategically leverage social media best practices integrating twitter feeds, blog postings, RSS feeds and links to Facebook,Flickr, Google and You Tube. Alex Bogusky refers to their web presence as “a giant digital fishing net” and the agency claims that it gets over 1000 visits per day.

Another innovative approach comes from a little known agency, until recently, called BooneOakley. I am certain that most of you reading this post recently received an email from a colleague referring you to their site. View Site. They opted to have their URL redirect the visitor to a You Tube channel, where the agency has posted a comic video introducing the agency. The video is embedded with links to other videos that feature agency work and bios etc.

It really does not matter what format or approach you decide to use. What does matter is that you create a presence that quickly gives your prospect a clear idea of who you are and what you offer. One that engages them and customizes the user experience and content delivery. Above all, it should be one that is designed with the user needs in mind versus what the creative department thinks would be a “cool” website.  




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