Ad Agencies: Effectively Reach Client C Suite Executives

Internet acess 2

According to a recently published study By Forbes Insights and Google, titled “Rise of the Digital C-Suite”, the internet has replaced traditional media as the prime source of business intelligence for executives. It ranks way ahead of personal networks, business contacts, outside consultants and media publications!

74% of respondents rated the internet as a very important source, 51% for at-work contacts, 43% for outside contacts and 36% for personal networks.  

These findings should raise some concern within the ranks of senior ad agency leadership. I say this because most agencies do not leverage the online channel as much as they should. Most agency new business and PR plans are focused around the more traditional media. In fact, when looked at closely most are void of any business development innovation within the digital media.

Why not take a few minutes right now and think about your own agency new business plan. How would you rate it against the following diagnostics?

  • How good is your website? I am not asking how creative and how full of content it is, but rather how good is it as a communications tool? Does it allow your prospect to quickly find what they want to know, and is it clear and compelling in its message? Does it contain the right content? Do you have specific site goals?
  • Have you put the necessary time, thought and money into your agency search engine strategy? Do you even have one? How often do you update and optimize it?
  • Do you have a social media strategy? More importantly, have you defined what success might look like for you and your prospects? (Remember social media is about building a following). If you want to understand the impact of social media on your business, you must define what success means to you.
  • Does your agency have a blog site? If it does, have you defined its purpose or is it just an afterthought? Do you have a following and are you providing real perceived value to your following? Do they seek you out for your opinions/content when it comes to a specific category or need?

The increasing pace at which client organizations change, combined with the increasing involvement of C-Suite executives in marketing decisions, makes it even more critical for agencies find an effective way to influence them. The reality is that it has become more and more difficult for agencies to get access to the same individuals. This provides agency leadership with even more reasons to ensure that they leverage the internet effectively.





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