Ad Agency Final Round Presentations – Tips to Remember

Pitch presentationHere are some tips to remember when your agency is preparing for the final round of pitch presentations:


  1. Do not overlook the details. Make sure you know your audience, the room, the equipment etc.
  2. Less is more. Cut your slides to minimum and make every slide and word count.
  3. Rehearse at least 3 times. The first gives you an idea of content and flow. The second allows you to edit and improve. The third allows you to get more comfortable and confident.
  4. Engage your audience right from the start. Make the promise of what they will get right up front if they hire your agency and then go into how you intend to do it. Approach it like a prosecution attorney would.
  5. Lay out for them what you are about to show them. Tell them what to expect over the next 3 hours you will be together.
  6. Make sure that you have addressed the brief. Lay your thoughts out logically and succinctly.
  7. Have your senior account person lead the meeting. Not the CEO or new businessperson.
  8. Always present options. Give them what they ask for and then present what you think they need. Never go with a single idea as you limit your options to a sudden death decision.
  9. Make sure the creative work supports the actionable insights and strategy. So often if you step back the one does not pay off the other.
  10. Channel and media are nearly always key. Show how you will drive activity/traffic etc
  11. Build in metrics, measurement and anticipated results. Get used to doing this and never go in without it.
  12. Always have an agency recommendation. It may not be the one the client picks but they want to hear your perspective and why.
  13. Close with a compelling summary. Once again think like an attorney. Restate what you promised them up front and succinctly summarize what you presented to support your claim.


Don’t forget to send a brief thank you note and restatement of why your agency should win the business within the 24 hours of the presentation.



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