Ad Agencies: Innovative ideas based on actionable insights deliver incredible results! (Part One)

Actionable insights are the lifeblood of any agency. Gone are the days of creative for creative‘s sake. The fact is, clients have always wanted and continue to demand great innovative work that is based on true consumer insights. Any agency can come up with a great idea or concept now and then. Great agencies consistently deliver great innovative creative work because they take time to identify what the key actionable insights are, and they develop their work from them. It’s consistency that separates the great from the good.

Well researched actionable insights also allow the agency to sell in more innovative work, because the associated risk is often mitigated by the insights and the confidence level of expected campaign success supported by them. The sales formula is simple:

  • Listen to the client.
  • Show understanding of the competitors, the brand and the consumer.
  • Do your homework and uncover those actionable insights.
  •  Solve both the business problem and the marketing challenge.
  •  Build your ideas/work off the insights and use them to underpin your presentation.
  •  Anticipate the objections or questions.
  •  Estimate the expected outcome and impact and demonstrate that you can execute it flawlessly and within budget.

Simple, huh?

I wanted to share with you two examples from my portfolio that I am very proud of and believe support the importance of true actionable insights. The first is for Continental Tire.

Continental Tire:  General Tire of South Africa briefed our agency as follows: They were changing the name from General Tire to Continental Tire (a brand they had recently acquired). Through this move, they felt that the agency should be able to leverage the new brand positioning to both increase sales and improve market share.

Continental Tire came from German heritage and enjoyed very high brand awareness and sales success all over Europe. After doing our homework in the local market, the key actionable insight our agency discovered was that consumers believed that German engineering was the best in the world and those automotive brands like, Mercedes and BMW, epitomized that peak of engineering. We developed the positioning, “German engineering where you need it most on a car”.  By leveraging the credibility and prestige enjoyed by the top luxury German cars, and overlaying that credibility on the engineering of our tires, we instantly connected with the consumer.

Take a look at this launch commercial to see how we brought it to life in a very unique and impactful way. 

It may interest you to know that this commercial holds the record as the longest consecutively running commercial on TV. Almost 3 years in total. The same creative execution was re-shot two additional times, (by two different agencies) just updating the car.

The results: Within 30 day’s dealers had run out of stock and the tires were on back order, the response was so overwhelming. Sales numbers soared and within six months the brand had moved up from a distant fourth (as General Tire) to the second best selling tire in the country.

In my next posting I will share an example from an airline client who’s brief for a simple direct mail letter ended up being so much more. In fact, it played a pivotal role in turning around the brand and the business.



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